During the COVID-19 epidemic, mobile phones are becoming a key part of the shopping process. Customers want to use a mobile and contactless method of paying and taking over goods, which requires interaction with a mobile phone. Research has shown that mobile phones are very dirty and can contain up to a million harmful bacteria and viruses. Disinfecting phones is therefore all the more critical during this period. There are various disinfectant solutions on the market for personal use. How can we disinfect a dirty phone in a public location e.g. in a shopping center? One of the highly effective options is with UVC technology over dirt on phones.  Therefore Charger4you has added ultraviolet technology to its charging stations, which allows customers to disinfect their phones in addition to charging.

Public locations

Charging stations are very suitable in many public locations, such as:

  • shopping centers, shops,
  • bars, cafes, restaurants,
  • bus and train stops,
  • hotels, campsites, tourist information centers,
  • sports halls, stadiums, fitness centers,
  • museums, libraries, galleries,
  • school and education centers,
  • hospitals, medical facilities,
  • fairgrounds and event spaces.

Charge your mobile phones and disinfect them with ultraviolet rays

Development technologists at Charger4you are continually looking for ways to meet the changing needs of customers. Our top priority is to enable the fast charging of phone batteries in public locations while ensuring the highest level of safety. It also effectively disinfects all types of phones and other portable devices, such as iPods, headphones, power banks, etc. Upgrading the charging station with the introduction of UV-C technology was therefore urgently needed. This is to protect new customers in the current environment and meet the new safeguards.

Charger4you developed a disinfection charging station with two functions in one, charging and disinfecting mobile phones. Charging stations are manufactured in EU (Slovenia) and contain UV-C technology that deactivates harmful viruses and destroys bacteria on mobile phones. Disinfection charging stations help locations and provide customers with greater security. UV-C light destroys up to 99,9% of viruses and bacteria and does not pose a health risk when used in the correct use. An analysis of the effectiveness of UV-C light was carried out in the Laboratory for lighting and photometry at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The efficiency of uvc technology

The implementation of UVC technology in charging stations was due to a pandemic of coronavirus and demand for shopping safety. As a result, the charging stations have been upgraded with UV-C lamps that emit microbiological light. The UV-C lamp inactivates up to 99,9% of viruses and bacteria. The disinfection process takes only a few minutes and takes time while the phones are charging.

In summary, cleanliness and disinfected spaces or areas are priorities of all public sites with a higher number of visitors. Effective disinfection with UV-C light certainly deserves attention for ensuring the cleanliness of phones. In the future, the disinfection of mobile phones in public locations will certainly be important and one of the key elements of basic equipment. For more information about charging and disinfecting solutions in public locations, see here.