To help fight the spread of COVID-19, we introduce phone charging stations with the capability to sterilize phones with the addition of UV-C sterilization technology inside of each locker.

The new charging station compact 8 lockers with UV-C sterilization lights in each locker.  The two bottom lockers are wide enough to fit tablets.

UV-C lights have been proven to kill 99,9% of bacteria and viruses off of surfaces.  There is no surface more germ-filled than your phone or tablet. Studies have shown viruses can survive on glass surfaces for several days.  UV-C lights can safely sterilize your phone in minutes.  Now you can charge and sterilize your phone or tablets and other personal items at the same time.

UVC disinfection charging station
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additional innovative offer

sterilization of mobile phones and tablets

charging option for all mobile phone types

Quick charging

problem solving for empty batteries of mobile phones on site

no stress because of empty cell phone battery

greater visitor satisfaction through an additional useful customer benefit

guaranteed safety of recharging; while being recharged the phone is safely locked in a facility using individual code

the customer can perform additional services while recharging their phone

because of the greater visitor loyalty

We offer safe and innovative solutions for mobile phone charging on public locations.  



You can choose between a rental and a purchase option.

Do you expect an upcoming event or would you like to communicate with the public? The rental of a charging station is an excellent way for greater satisfaction of the participants of such events. High resolution screen can great deliver your message to the target group. The station is an excellent opportunity to improve the sponsorship package. The screens support video formats or photo material.

Shopping centres

Trgovski centri

Increase time, spending and return visits

Tourism and public facilities

Charging station - turism and public facilities
  • camps, hotels, congress centres, spa and wellness facilities, tourist information points
  • railway stations, bus stations and stops
  • universities, libraries, hospitals, health centres
  • commercial buildings, technology parks, municipal premises etc.

Fairs and events

Charging station - events and fairs

Keep event attendees connected and engaged

Sports and entertainment parks

Charging station - sports and entertainment parks
  • sports and entertainment parks
  • fitness centres
  • bowling and billiard centres

What our customers say…


Some camp guests are really excited about the charging station. They are most excited about the fact that mobile phones are locked in and under control all the time. Because the service of charging is free of charge, the interest in using the charging station is high, at nights sometimes even too large, so that usually there are no available compartments. Our cleaning staff also noticed that now the toilets are no longer full of chargers and phones hanging out of every free socket there. The charging station was always fully used during the peak season, and we think it is an excellent additional offer of the camp, and we all benefited from it. However, we all, the reception staff and our guests, are satisfied with its simple application.



In the Camp Liza, the charging station was definitely one of the things our guests were most impressed and delighted with. Not only for charging phones and tablets, the fans of the charging station also used the facility to store various valuable items. Because the station was available to all guests free of charge, it often happened that all compartments were quickly occupied and some guests had to wait in a row to charge their mobile phones. Considering the enthusiasm our guests showed about the charging solution this year, we are convinced to keep the charging station in our offer in the future and we will probably opt for ordering another one as well.


Hotel resort

A charging station for mobile phones is a great facility with compartments in which users can charge their phones for free. Because all mobile devices are supported by the station, it is used very often. Our guests can charge their mobile phones safely by using their own code, without the help of the receptionists and at any time during their stay at the hotel or just during their short stay in the restaurant. The charging station is very easy to use and really practical. In each compartment there are three connectors: micro USB, Type C and iPhone, and anyone can charge their mobile phone or tablet there. Because we all know that we can no longer live without mobile phones, and they always run of batteries when we need them most, the charging station is an excellent solution. In any case, we recommend the charging station to others, since our customers are enthusiastic about them and use daily.


Tourist destination

The charging station is available to guests free of charge in the reception area of the camp and it provides benefit for the following reasons:

– guests can safely charge the phone in the vault with code that only they know
– guests can use the charging station themselves without the help of receptionists, so they do not have to line up in the row
– the charging station is adapted to all phone and tablet types
– the charging station is very easy for use.

At any rate, we would definitely recommend the charging station as a support for receptions, restaurants, bars, and similar objects.


Tourist destination

The charging station proved to be a very practical acquisition. It is particularly well accepted by backpackers or motorcyclists who do not carry extension cords for power banks in the camp. They feel much safer and more relaxed because they can lock in their phone using an individual code. It has never happened to anyone that an electronic device has been stolen. The biggest advantage of the charging station, however, is that the devices are charged quickly. We are very satisfied with the charging station.